Monday, November 30, 2009

Need a Job?

Greenhouse Manager
We are searching for a new greenhouse manager as ours will be moving away soon. This position is available ASAP! Come join us in the piney woods of Magnolia, Texas to work for a progressive young plant nursery

Duties include:
Managing a 10 person crew
Cordinating orders for shipping each week
Scouting for disease and insect problems
Maintaining crop health and size requirements for shipping
Communicating with sales to maintain proper inventory levels for orders
Filing monthly inventory reports
Maintaining strict greenhouse sanitation procedures

Must be bilingual
Must be willing to work outside the majority of each work day
Must have a background/experience in horticulture
Pay dependent on experience
401 K plus benefits provided
If you are interested please contact April at 281-705-7724 or

Spring is Here!!!!

Well that would be in the lab, not outside, burrrrr it is getting me!  In the lab plants must go through stage 3 inside which can take 6-8 weeks then they are planted and must finish as a liner for 8-15 weeks.  So you can see why Spring is now in the lab, actually it started in November.  With the holiday getting plants ready becomes much more tricky so we usually try and work 10 hours days.  This year we have been on a 4 day work week since July but starting in December we are going back to 5.  Hopefully we can keep everyone at 5 days, this will depend on the orders, if they are slim we will go back to 4 days.

We are growing a ton of new products, I have started these in hopes of sparking new sales with new customers and old.  We would like to become the source of all quality liners but also new and unusual plants.  We are working with many people to make this happen but it will take time.  Also we will start a new 12 month ad campaign with NMPro to help us deliver this message and to let people know we are more than just Nandinas!  I am working on our new website that will be released early December....must get to work now!  I think it will really help customers get to know us a little better and it will help eliminate confusion people have with our current site that lumps both of our nurseries together, liners and containers, customers get confused on location and product grown all of the time.  Anyway a sneak peak can be seen here, I must say it is very snazzy, of course i am being bias since I designed it, haha!

Below is a listing of new products we will have in 2010, this is just a start, more to come soon!  Keep an eye on us, we are more than just Nandinas!

Aeonium 'Kiwi'
Aeonium 'Pinwheel'
Agave 'Blue Flame' Blue Flame Agave
Aloe 'Pink Blush' PPAF Pink Blush Aloe
Anigozanthos falvidus x rufus' Bush Sunset' Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos humilus x flavidus 'Yellow Gem' Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos 'Tequila Sunrise' Kangaroo Paw
Bambusa pervariabilis Clumping Bamboo
Capsicum annuum Chile Pequin
Capsicum annuum 'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper
Capsicum annuum 'Calico'Ornamental Pepper
Capsicum annuum 'Chilly Chili'Ornamental Pepper
Capsicum annuum 'Medusa'Ornamental Pepper
Caryopteris x clandonensis 'First Choice' P.P. # 11,958 Blue Mist Spirea
Clerodendrum incisum 'Macrosiphon' Musical Notes
Crassula coccinea 'Campfire'
Crassula muscosa Watch Chain Plant
Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodiodes Princess Pine
Crassula ovata arborescens Baby Jade
Crassula ovata 'Variegata' Variegated Jade Plant
Crassula radicans large red Carpet Stonecrop
Crassula radicans Small red Carpet Stonecrop
Cuphea ignea 'David Verity' Cigar Plant
Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata' Variegated Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica 'Yellow Stripe' Gold Stripe Flax Lily
Dyckia hybrida 'Burgundy Ice' PPAF
Euphorbia x martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' PPAF Variegated Euphorbia
Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Fanfare' P.P.#15892 Indian Blanket Flower
Geum x 'Totally Tangerine' PPAF
Hamelia patens Mexican Firebush
Kalanchoe pumila 'Silver Gray'
Lantana camara 'Robpatrai' P.P.#9,837 Patriot™ Petite™ Rainbow Lantana
Lysimachia puncata 'Golden Alexander' P.P.# 13,547 Variegated Loosestrife
Nandina domestica 'KAYDEE' Atomic fireball™ Nandina
Nandina domestica 'MURASAKI' PPAF Flirt™ Nandina This is a Southern Living Plant Collection Exclusive.
Nandina domestica 'SEIKA' PPAF Obsession™ Nandina This is a Southern Living Plant Collection Exclusive.
Pennisetum glaucum 'Jade Princess' Ornamental Millet
Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty' Ornamental Millet
Pennisetum purpureum 'Princess' P.P.#17,728 Ornamental Napier Grass
Philodendron 'Xanadu' Dwarf Philodendron
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Gold Dust' Variegated Rosemary
Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara' P.P. # 12949 Compact Mexican Bush Sage
Sedum lineare 'Variegatum' Variegated Stonecrop
Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum'
Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'
Sedum rupestre 'Chocolate Ball'
Sedum spurium 'Red Carpet'
Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'

Monday, November 23, 2009

IPPS Video Presentation with narration

Well I finally got around to narrating my video presentation that I gave to the IPPS Southern Region In Biloxi this year.  It is not the best as I cannot find my mic for the life of me, funny how things "disappear" around the office, hmmmmm?  Also I only did one take, probably could have used 2-3, haha!  Anyway I digress, the video is in 3 parts because YouTube will only allow 10 minutes of video, boo hoo!  This will give a great in-depth look to what we do here and it goes into a little of what we have had to do as of late do to the bad economy.  WARNING:  There is some harm done to plants in part 3, don't cry, it was painless and they are in a better place called mulch :)

The presentation went well considering all of the potential technically difficulties that could have transpired!  I nearly had a stress meltdown before leaving town as it seemed nothing I did would make the video presentation I did to be easier, work in the first place!  Well it worked, it was just blurry and I was imagining a giant theater sized screen for some reason and it turned out to be a small pop up screen.  I thought I figured it out but saving the raw data version then popped in a DVD to burned and realized it was way to big to burn on a DVD even!  The version that I exported to iDVD looked blurry when I played it on my computer, a Mac so I was sure the hotel would have an inferior PC, making it look that much worse!  Oh what to do!  Here is what I did, come in to play my personal MacBook and the Apple store at the mall.  I have a Mac at home, of course, but it is a little older and only has a 10 GB harddrive, not enough for this powerhouse movie!  I went to the Mac store and picked up an external harddrive, that connect via a Firewire, yes faster file transfer!  Went to work the next day got everything transferred and Voila, it worked!  The Firewire allowed me to play the movie from the external harddrive smoothly.  Oh but wait, there is more!  I suddenly realized the connection on my baby Mac was not the giant honky-sized connection that most projectors have, oh dear, I though I had everything figured out.  Google to the rescue!  I figured out the Apple store sells adapters, yes back there the night before our departure as I am darn sure there are no Apple Stores in Biloxi, MS!  After all of this stress everything worked, I did bring backups just in case as well as my DVD Player, as it seemed the burned version from iDVD looked way better played on a DVD than the computer.  Through my Googling very scientific research I found out the movie quality depends on the player installed on the computer, problem is I never found a very good one to handle my Mastapiece!  All in all a stressful experience, but these are usually the ones where we learn the most, ahh yes I know just a hair more about video production than I did before, look out Hollywood!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to the Club

 Nandina domestica 'Kaydee'
Atomic FireballTM Nandina

We are please to introduce Nandina domestica 'Kaydee'.  This fall we are releasing a limited amount of this new Nandina that we have been fiddling with for several years now.  We are going to call this one Atomic FireballTM Nandina, because it looks like a little ball of fire!  This is a sport of Nandina 'Firepower' that was found by Kay Herring, also known as the "Mother of Nandinas" since she has managed the lab for nearly 20 years now!  While walking in the 1 gallon crop of Nandina 'Firepower' in 2004, Kay noticed a smaller, different looking plant.  She took it to the greenhouse and the process of propagation was started.  This Nandina is now in production in a limited supply, numbers will be increased if the demand is high.  The pictures seen here are of a 3 year old plant, this is a slow grower and you will not have to worry about it getting out of hand, topping out at around 18" tall.  Also like 'Firepower' no flowers or berries have been seen to date so issues with invasiveness is a non-issue.   Why do we call it Atomic FireballTM , well it has the same fantastic bright red winter color as it's Momma, but the growth habit is very compact, almost ball-like.  I guess you could call it a dwarf, dwarf, since 'Firepower' is already a dwarf.  We also like to kid around the nursery and call it "Kay's Grandbaby" since her 4 kids have yet to produce her a real one, haha!  We think this would be a great addition for small landcapes and for gardeners that don't want to trim.  Also we like using this lil' one for a foundation plant in mixed containers, also works well as a stand alone in a container as you can see from the picture.  Hope you all enjoy this one!  If you want to try it out, jump now, we only have a few liners available for 2009!
Firepower vs. FireballTM Nandina