Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Belated Valentine's to all my Sweethearts!

Plants that is, yes I heart plants!  I especially like new and usual plants.  I suppose I do hate some plants too, or maybe I am just being a plant snob now?  Some plants have been around too long and are way overused, yawn!!!  **Cough** Burford Holly **Cough**  Perhaps I choose this one as I see it everyday at the nursery, then I see it planted all over town in these terrible monoculture mini mall parking lots, uugghh!  Mini malls are ugly and ugly plants are not going to make it better!  Let's enhance that dry cleaner/nail salon/tanning salon with some diversity please!  Grasses, perennials, vines and more, oh my!  Such a pallette to choose from, why be so boring, say I?  Oh wait, I know, because it is easy, ha, I forgot!  Most people know us as the people that grow Nandinas, that we do.  But wait a minute, there's more!  Yes we grow all sorts of things, see our new site at for a full list, I am so excited about our 2010 product lineup!  Could it be because my patio is bound to be the best in the neighborhood with this supply of goodies at my fingertips, perhaps!  But mainly it is because I really love plants and go to great lengths to bring a wonderful diversity to the lineup.  Hunting, here, there, everywhere to bring you some of the coolest stuff from around the world.  New stuff is added all of the time, hence the reason we have not printed a catalog as of late, it would be out of date before it got back from the printers.  Below is my February Grower's Report, enjoy some of the shots of the new items we have and of all my sweethearts!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The GSHE Report 2010

Ok, ok, so this show was 4 weeks ago!  I know, but now I finally have some time to write about it.  Holly and I went to Mobile, AL a day earlier than we needed to so we could attend the Southern Living Plant Collection Grower Group meeting.  We  flew into New Orleans because it was about 300.00 cheaper per ticket, then drove the rest of the way to Mobile.  We had a nice Chrysler Sebring, I like to call it a Seabreeze though, nice!
  The meeting was at the Hampton Inn which was convienent since that was were we were staying already!  When we got to the entrance a nice little Nandina welcomed us!
  PDSI did an outstanding job of hosting the group and gave a great presentation.  The presentation consisted of an update on how the program is currently doing, new plant introductions for 2010 and plants in the pipeline for 2011 and beyond.  Of course Holly and I were tickled to see all of the literature on our 3 Nandina babies!  They even had a very nice 83" tall pop up banner highlighting the Nandina trio!  The banner said 'Superior Nandinas' and was at the front of the room, I'd say we agree!

I think we will have to order one of these for our office, oh yes!  This banner is just one of the items that the grower group and retailers can order from PDSI to help promote the brand, whether at tradeshows or in their stores. All in all things were positive and we got several orders by being there, so the extra day definitely paid off!  There was one non-believer if you will...em...em McCorkle.  But I stood up and told Andy I would make a believer out of him!  Andy is correct in his thinking, I will give him that.  Many new Nandinas on the market these days just are not that different from what is already on the market.  I have seen many Nandinas come through our doors so I know this, the new one we have are totally different than anything I have seen and they are interesting!  After a long day Holly and I relaxed to get ready for day 2.  The second day we got to tour Flowerwood Nurseries and PDSI, after this we had to set up our booth, yeah!  The visit to PDSI was great ebcause we got to see all of our little babies starting to grow up!  The pictures show Obsession, then Flirt, then Blush Pink, Beeeeautiful!

Also we saw some Queen Mum Agapanthus that we do here in the lab, another great new plant in the collection.
  After our visit we got the booth set up then went to relax again so we would be ready for 2 days of tradeshow.  Our booth turned out great and Stacie once again stole the show! 
People love to take pictures of her and with her.  Also I got some pics of the PDSI booth since they had such a nice display of some Superior Nandinas!!!  The mood was positive at the show, I hope Spring sales are way positive!  Remember plants are a necessity not a luxury!