Monday, September 28, 2009

Series of posts to come

I have been travelling again. This time to Holland and Ireland, the main reason was to go to the IPPS conference in Kilkenny but the moon was in alignment with Pluto, oh wait I think that is not a planet anymore, sad, one of my favorites! Anyway I digress as usual. On the trip I also got to meet a ton of fabulous people that I have been in contact with only through the Internet so it was so great to meet face to face. In Holland I got to meet with Peter at Plantip whom I have just recently been introduced to through email and in Ireland I got to finally meet Pat FitzGerald whom I have had contact with since the start of the year through email, Twitter and skype. I also met numerous other people at the conference including one of the organizers, Mike Norris of New Place Nurseries. This trip was a plant nerd's ultimate plant fantasy. I will post several pictures so you can see what I mean, well it really was for this Texas gal since we don't grow much of that in these parts.

More to come as I have time, am at my computer with pictures and away from tiny little iPhone keyboard!

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