Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Postcards/Calendars have been sent out!

So I decided this is the year for everybody to have a Magnolia Gardens Nursery growers' calendar. It will be in the January issue of American Nurseryman, we will had out jumbo sized versions (12"x 18") at the MANTS and GSHE shows and just today I send out a postcard version. Yes we love growers' calendars here!!

The software we use here is Adobe. I love Indesign!! It is the best thing ever made! Well pretty close. It is amazing what you can do by just playing around with things, I taught myself to use this program. At first it seemed confusing but it is great now. My next task is to train myself on Filemaker Pro, I am ready to get rid of 10 plus spreadsheets and merge them to one database, oh yes!


  1. April

    Is that a dwight bobble head next to you Mac? I love it.

    TNLA in Austin

  2. I got it from my friend Katherine who loves The Office!!! She also got me a World's best Boss mug, haha!