Monday, December 15, 2008

This is Just Growin'

This is my first post in the liner grower's blog for Magnolia Gardens Nursery. A little about Magnolia Gardens Nursery. We are a medium sized grower with 3 locations and 2 divisions. The one I will post about is the liner division in Magnolia, TX. The other locations are in Waller, TX and Plantersville, TX. The property here is about 20 acres, we (liner division) take up about 10 acres while the container division grows limited shrubs and trees on the remaining acreage. The Waller location is the largest, about 100 acres. At peak season the company employs about 150 people, in this division we run about 40 employees year round. We have a tissue culture lab in this division and we specialize in Nandina domestica plants. We also grow Agapanthus, Ginger, Ornamental Grasses and other perennials. From our lab we produce about 5 million plants per year and about 500,000 plants from seed or division. I hope you enjoy the blog!

April Herring, Production Manager of Tissue Culture

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