Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the 13th, oooohhhhh!

Well seeing as how my week has been pretty hectic I decided it best I not go to the office on the 13th! So far this week it seemed if something could break, it did! I am still not sure if everything is fixed. I will be self torturing myself by riding 80 miles on my bike, woo hoo! I am training for the MS150 but the group I am riding with decided to do the 170 mile ride in one day instead of 2, OUCH! Normally I ride on the weekend but I am running the Austin half marathon so I decided to take Saturday for a day of rest. Plus it will be Valentine's Day, a day for candy!

This week I have been working to add new product descriptions to our Web site. It is tedious but I don't mind sine it means New Plants! We are trying some perennials this year, something a little different. At least I know the employees will like them, there are only so many Nandinas a person can have in their yard, LOL! I also took advantage of the bad economy this week and went to Circuit City to pick up a video camera, so look for video posts of what we do here soon....pending I can figure the thing out!

Ok time to rest for the 80 mile trek.

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  1. Video camera proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Of course!!! Not to worry as soon as my planner tells me I can fiddle with the thing I will get it all figured out, HA!