Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Plants!!

There is nothing better to boast your day than a batch of new plants arriving at the doorstep. With the economy as crummy as it has been it feels like everyone has had the life sucked out of them. My philosophy is to trial new plants in times like these. Once the economy springs back up we will be ready with all sorts of goodies to tickle your fancy. Today's goodies were a batch of Agapanthus 'Gold Strike' from New Zealand. They were sent bareroot so we will replant them outside in the greenhouse. I already have these going in the lab but I am going to try them both ways and see which way gets us the most plants the quickest. It is a beautiful plant so it is worth the work. I am hoping sometime in 2010 we will have some available.....


  1. I have never seen these with the variegate leaves, beautiful. Sadly in CA, Agapanthus are in everyone's yards (yawn), but this variety is really nice!!

  2. Yes I have seen them everywhere there. I think it is great but I can see how it can be tiring. At least it is better than Dwarf Yaupon Holly, Dwarf Burford Holly and Ligustrum, those are the plant of landscape choice here. We are excited about this variety as well and excited we can be a part of bringing it to market...I just hope we are successful!