Monday, June 15, 2009

Whew wee!

Well the dog days of summer are nearly upon us. It has gotten close to 100F here in the Houston area already! The heat index is already well above 100F, ouch! To avoid the heat I am spending some more time in the office ordering seeds for products we will offer in the Fall, just a few we received today in the picture. This spring we started to offer a whole line of perennial products, most in a larger cell size so they the finish fast. Even in the slow economy we saw some good movement so we are adding to our selections so our customers will have some great items to choose from by late summer. One new item will be ornamental peppers. We hope to have these ready in time for our customers to get them ready for their fall program. We noticed that consumers are looking for color items now, maybe holding back on shrub purchases or it could be the slow housing market makes those shrub needs go down. In any case we like color too so look for new items on our continuously evolving availability.

Also I will be working on a new Web site for the liner division. More to come later as I get further into this project. Basically we feel we can better cater to our customers by having a separate site from the container division at the nursery. Hopefully it will help reduce the confusion customers can have when calling about products. I hope to finish this before the TNLA Expo, keep your fingers crossed!

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