Friday, July 24, 2009


Well the economy just stinks, that I am sure most of us know. We are keeping our chin up but also being realistic. On July 10th we started working a 4 day week, one to cut costs but also because there is less work to do. We have a small skeleton crew working, myself, Holly and Minera our water woman (kinda like Wonder Woman!) Anyway, it is very quiet on Fridays so we hope that things turn around soon, we are getting lonely here! I will say that by working 4 days we have improved efficiencies in the lab. The crew there was on a more relaxed schedule, now the technicians are working longer hours on the 4 days in hopes of making up lost time they would get on Friday. It is always better to work a few long days than a series of short days. I have asked others in the industry are doing but I don't get specifics, just the ol' "We're hangin' in there"

I am excited about the upcoming tradeshows we have, hopefully we will get to see many customers face to face and talk about the Spring of 2010. It will be nice to get a feel for what everyone else thinks this spring season holds for us, I am pretty sure we already know what Fall has in store :((((. I have posted a survey on what companies are doing to survive this slow economy, if you are interested in expressing your opinion, please do so here:

I would love to hear from you, maybe share ideas if you have them! Even though things are down we are not all doom and gloom. We are working on several exciting projects that are going to make for an exciting future. Remember all good things come to those that wait. I am looking forward to next week, I think we will post another twitter special, if you are not following us you should here: we post things like specials too good to be missed, also we keep you updated on what we are doing around the nursery. We are always up to something!


  1. We're a tree farm and business is really slow in that area too. Plus everyone (understandably) wants smaller material. I was interested to read your post as we are talking about cutting hours, too - This month, we've had more people call and stop by looking for work than in the past five years. Just don't want to lay anyone off -

  2. We have had the same thing happen here, tons of people looking for work. We also don't want to lay off anyone which is why we have cut hours of everyone. This way if it picks up we will still have a trained workforce available. It takes at least 6 months to a year to train people to work as technicians efficiently in the lab. I can't wait for things to pick up!