Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Harvest

We the victory garden is producing nicely. Today we harvested the first watermelon. We popped it into the fridge and the employees had a nice treat in the afternoon. Things are slow here but I have managed to keep myself busy mainly by trying to grow new plants, some successes followed by a few failures. It is so sad to see good plants die but this Texas heat has not let up! We have been nearly 100 for 3 weeks now, the heat is just so intense. Many plants can look good in the Spring and Fall here but the real test is the summer. If it can't survive a Texas summer then we are not able to add it to our product line unless we can finish fast before the heat hits. So far most plants are holding up with the exception of some Agapanthus, had a little meltdown on some of those! Other things on my plate include getting ready for 2 tradeshows in August and redesigning the Web site....ahhh yes busy. Our first patented plant is set to release at TNLA Expo so we are super excited about that. I will write about that one tomorrow!

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