Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Belated Valentine's to all my Sweethearts!

Plants that is, yes I heart plants!  I especially like new and usual plants.  I suppose I do hate some plants too, or maybe I am just being a plant snob now?  Some plants have been around too long and are way overused, yawn!!!  **Cough** Burford Holly **Cough**  Perhaps I choose this one as I see it everyday at the nursery, then I see it planted all over town in these terrible monoculture mini mall parking lots, uugghh!  Mini malls are ugly and ugly plants are not going to make it better!  Let's enhance that dry cleaner/nail salon/tanning salon with some diversity please!  Grasses, perennials, vines and more, oh my!  Such a pallette to choose from, why be so boring, say I?  Oh wait, I know, because it is easy, ha, I forgot!  Most people know us as the people that grow Nandinas, that we do.  But wait a minute, there's more!  Yes we grow all sorts of things, see our new site at for a full list, I am so excited about our 2010 product lineup!  Could it be because my patio is bound to be the best in the neighborhood with this supply of goodies at my fingertips, perhaps!  But mainly it is because I really love plants and go to great lengths to bring a wonderful diversity to the lineup.  Hunting, here, there, everywhere to bring you some of the coolest stuff from around the world.  New stuff is added all of the time, hence the reason we have not printed a catalog as of late, it would be out of date before it got back from the printers.  Below is my February Grower's Report, enjoy some of the shots of the new items we have and of all my sweethearts!

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