Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is Here?

Well I think Spring could be here in Texas, the day is gorgeous and the daffodils are blooming!
  About 65, sunny, not to rub that in anyone's face up north...but that is the reason I live in the South.  I know, you will be telling me the same when I am melting in July, sunny 100% humidity, 100 degrees...but this is the way I like it!  To celebrate the day I am doing a little gardening.  First I had to trim so dormant grasses.
Indeed the garden is looking a bit, shall I say, shaggy to put it politely?
  Well the cold weather has kept us Southerners inside bundled up...too cold to go out and trim plants we said!  My poor Furcraea melted with the 20 degree weather!
  Oh but what did my little eye spy today?  Life!!!
  So we will see how long this little pup takes to get back to the size it's Mom was before meltdown!  Just a shot of the garden in front of the office, pretty bleak, but it will soon be lush!

  Today I went to the local retail garden center, mainly because I needed some powdered hormone that I did not order from a supplier in time but being surrounded by plants it is hard to resist buying something!
  I came out with 3 scented geraniums, mmmm, and a curry plant!  Note in the picture all the coffee grounds, yes I am a frequent visitor to Starbucks, the least I can get for my $4.00 coffee is some used grounds to perk the plants up.  I bet the used grounds have more caffeine than new Folgers, LOL!  We are still going strong with the parking lot garden, herbs are lush and we had a nice crop of cabbage and greens.
  Tomatoes and Peppers to come!

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