Monday, May 9, 2011

Takii, Spring Trials 2011

I was not sure there would be anything to look at here since we do not grow many seed variety annuals, really any annuals due to the hot humid climate here. I was surprised to find a few things! Cannas in particular. Now that's a plants that likes hot and humid! We have grown some of the Tropical series as a contract grow and to be honest the germination sucked! The seed is expensive and we had around 10% germ. If I remember correctly it runs about 1-200 dollars per 1000 seed. I was told at this stop that they are working on this problem and have now started to laser stratify the seed. I guess we will see if that helps. If we can get good germ it would be great to be able to provide this product from seed rather than from the expensive tissue culture process. Yes, I know we have a lab, but this is a product that we would only sell once a year and in small numbers so it is not really worth keeping stock in a lab all year for that, this is why we stopped doing bananas, they were making me bananas! Anyway enjoy the pics!

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