Monday, January 26, 2009

March Ad finally finished!

Sometimes ad ideas just come to me but other times they don't or it takes a really long time. I think I work best under pressure, like start the ad the day it is due, excellent! For the March 2009 American Nurseryman I started a different look, moving somewhat away from Asian and to a more edgy young look. I hope to continue this trend and use our employees as models. For March we have featured Adriana Garza, our amazing Greenhouse Supervisor. She is taking a leave of absence for a few month and boy will we miss her! Because of this leave I have been extra motivated to learn Spanish, see previous post.

Also new for our marketing I am featuring the fact that we produce all liners here in the U.S. and if I need to source material such as stage 3 I am getting these from American companies such as Rancho Tissue Technologies. One program we just started is the use of Mycorrhizae fungus, this will be featured in marketing as well as I see it to be a great benefit for growers and the end consumers. For the edgy I just did a desaturation of the photo of Adriana, went a little darker and kept some red in it. The font is Authentic Ink along with Handwriting Dakota, my 2 new favorites! Just another one of my jobs here at MGN liner division.

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