Thursday, January 29, 2009

Round 2

Ding...ding... Lets get ready to seeeeelllllll some plants. Well lets hope we can sell some plants. It is bright and early, freezing outside and I am about ready to head to the airport and head to Mobile, AL for the Gulf State Horticulture Expo. This is usually our best show of the year so I am crossing my fingers that things go well. It is hard to keep positive though when the darn news keeping talking doom and gloom. This morning they are saying the post office is about to cut a day of delivery....ahhhhh Starbucks cutting 7000 jobs an companies using bail money to give bonuses. ok Breath...Think positive! Ok that does it peanut butter contamination!!!! This is the food I live on, always a jar on my desk. Time for some yoga to relax or maybe a apple martini! I will keep everyone posted on the show with my on the go updates.

Liner Grower, over and out.

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